Newton Downsize & Redesign

Before & After

This coupled lived in this home for 35 fantastic years. Here is where they launched their careers, raised their children, and experienced the joys and sorrows that are a part of all of our lives. Now in their 80’s with some health challenges, they were planning their next phase – moving to a graduated care community. As exciting as this was, they were terribly stressed over how they were going to get it all done. How were they going to parse through all of their accumulated treasures. Certainly, the kids didn’t want any of it and neither did the grandkids. Some of it was valuable. Most of it was useful. All of it was well cared for. None of it belonged in the landfill. Where would they even begin? How would they get it all done in time for the move? And what would they take with them?

Working through these complicated and emotional logistics is our superpower. We replace your overwhelm with calm because we call on our proven process to address your specific needs.

Our project scope included help determining where the accumulated possessions would go, repairing areas of deferred maintenance, delivering a comprehensive cleaning and updating the color pallet.