Your Local Interior Redesign Specialist


Deb’s corporate background includes building teams from across different departments to work together in the design, development, and implementation of technical and environmental programs.

In 2010, after working along side a friend to prepare their family home of several decades for sale, Deb recognized that  her ease of working through complicated logistics erased her friend’s anxiety and, ultimately, she was able to turn what started out as a tumultuous and emotional project into something fun and successful.

Soon after, Deb created her first business, Tasteful Home Staging, that focused on delivering design and project management solutions to homeowners preparing for life’s next transition.

Deb continues to deliver on those same proven design and project management solutions and adds full-scale design, remodeling and renovations to her list of services.

Nothing makes me happier than helping people, except perhaps making them laugh, too! I love knowing that my design, communication and project management skills removes the headaches that comes with every project and leaves time for my clients to carry on with their lives and focus on the thrill of the project’s end result.”